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  • Why do I need a Wedding Planner?
    Why do you need a photographer? Or a florist? Although Portugal is only now opening up to this type of professional, outside of Portugal hiring a Wedding Planner is as essential as catering on your Wedding day. "Ah but my mother and my cousin didn't need a Wedding Planner!". But how long ago they got married? And were they able to enjoy every step without stress and worries? The truth is that the market is quite vast, which is good on the one hand because the choice is big, but on the other hand, it becomes complicated, either by the different styles, values, etc... that are offered by the different service providers. It becomes exhausting for the bride and groom to search, request for quotes, meetings, price lists, etc., to go all this way without someone who is used to working in this field. A wedding planner knows how to move in this environment faster and more efficiently because she knows who to trust, and ensures that you will feel accompanied and well taken care of. More importantly, you will be able to enjoy the whole planning process without the usual stresses that are guaranteed in these processes. On the Wedding day the wedding planner will also be there to support you every step of the way. So you won't have to worry about set-ups, deliveries, schedules, entrances and exits... every moment will be planned and monitored so that you and your guests can enjoy every moment!
  • What is Wedding Coordination?
    The Wedding Coordination service is a support service during the wedding day. The coordinator and assistants will create a timeline of the day, so that everything runs in an organized way and within the timings. They will monitor suppliers, set up and make sure that you live your day without worries. Every important moment will be accompanied by this team.
  • When should I hire a Wedding Planner?
    Ideally, a Wedding Planner should be hired a year before the date chosen for your wedding. One year because the whole process can be done calmly and relaxed. You have more time to think and discuss matters with tranquility. But this is not always possible. That's also why the wedding planner exists, to "pull strings" when necessary, so it's always a good time to hire this kind of service and nobody better than the professional chosen by you to tell you if what you dream is possible and if he/she can help you in that sense.
  • What is an Elopement?
    An elopement is when a couple “runs away” to get married in secret, without friends or family or with a very small number of guests. ​ It's true, it looks like something out of a Disney book. It is a very recurrent custom in other countries and although it is rarer in Portugal, it is something that is already starting to happen ​ It's a more intimate ceremony, a moment shared between the two of you, but with the possibility of everything that a wedding full of guests has.

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