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About Nomad


NOMAD is formed by two Wedding Planners full of desire to create beautiful days, Ines and Ines (easy to remember).

Our focus is the well-being and comfort of each couple. Being able to give life to each dream created, is what makes us love so much what we do.

We are driven by passion and creativity, and it is curiosity that makes us build and develop more modern events. We believe that simplicity is where difference and beauty lie.

We want to help you and guide you on your way to your big day, as well as support you in all the logistics and provide you with a peaceful day where you can enjoy every moment and every person.

Despite the busy life, being born and living in Portugal slows down your heart, makes you appreciate the little things and life as a whole, and this is what we want you to experience in each event.

NOMAD was created with all our hearts and with all the love we have for what we do. By the enormous desire we have always felt to make others feel good, happy.

NOMAD is movement, it is union, it is non-conformism, it is resilience...

About  Us


Inês Simão de Freitas

Dreamy and in the clouds, I have always lived in a world of my own where imagination and a little bit of madness reigned. I always liked happy endings and I believe, with all my heart, that they exist.

I studied Jewelry and opened a small workshop where I learned the importance of details, of care. The art of simplicity vs practicality.

I love being busy and have never been able to do just one thing. I don't like monotony and I do very badly with routines, so when I discovered events, everything made sense.

This is the area I fell in love with. Being able to be a part of this big day is an honor, and that's why I'm so happy doing this.

I love the craziness, the stress, the different teams, the confusion, the mess. I love being able to work with different people, ideas and goals, and the best, to help make this couple's dream come true.

I believe that "Something beautiful always comes out of the mess".

(obviously, this line came out of a romantic movie :p ).

Inês Costa Freitas

I am passionate about the mission of making others happy. 

I am a nurse, however, not giving up on an old desire, I decided to also graduate in Event Organization. 

The magic and importance of the wedding day drew me to this world from an early age. For me, the opportunity to participate and make unforgettable one of the most important days in someone's life, is extremely rewarding.

Besides this, I am a dedicated and fun person, who likes to travel, experience and enjoy the best that life has to offer... I always present myself with a smile on my face because I believe that if we smile at life, it will smile back at us.


You can find Nomad at

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