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We contacted Nomad Eventos in order to help us on the Wedding day, because we came to the conclusion that we would need support about 2 months before. Inês, despite having a very full schedule, still made room for us.

Without Inêse's help we wouldn't have enjoyed the way we did. We immediately felt a great confidence in Inês. As any bride I was afraid of unexpected events, of not being able to manage everything. We enjoyed our day to the fullest and all thanks to Inês's of Nomad Events. If you are looking for professionals who really love what they do, who give their best, and who are real people with a heart of gold, do not hesitate to contact Inês. Believe me, you won't regret it. Thank you my darlings for everything.

Vanessa &; Gonçalo

Inês & João-661.jpg

Dear Nomad Team, I cannot thank you enough for your effort, dedication and commitment to give us one of the happiest days of our lives. 

You were tireless, there were no impossibilities, you have an incredible professionalism and besides that you are good-natured and fun. 

Without a doubt you were one of the best arrangements for the construction of the big day, without you nothing that happened would have been possible. 

We loved your work and have only good things to say. 

 A thank you is just too little. 

Inês &; João

Nomad Eventos is synonymous of professionalism of excellence. All the details are treated with the utmost rigor and demand so that in the end everything is as desired and the word 'perfection' is associated. Our support since the first moment we idealized getting married until after the wedding itself, Inês was the link with the other suppliers and was always present in all decisions taken having always the right word at the right time.


Being a personal friend and knowing our love story it was the most natural but so right choice we had. With a gentle eye and a pure talent for coordinating events, she managed to transmit tranquility and constant support to our days of preparation until the big day.

If you want to organize an event that captures your essence, bet with all confidence on Nomad Events.

Thank you dear Inês for having helped us to achieve a day, our day, unforgettable!

Joanna &; Luis

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1211 D&R.jpg

Without a doubt that without Inês help, our wedding wouldn't have been the same!

Since the first contact, to all the support during the preparation process until the big day (including), it was the best thing that could have happened to us. Inês is that person who is always with attention to detail, super professional and puts love in everything she does. She accepted our ideas from the beginning, helped us to improve them and also gave us suggestions in terms of decoration for example, which we liked a lot.

In addition, it relieved us a lot of the part of having to talk to all our suppliers.

So, for those who have doubts about hiring a Wedding Planner for their big day, believe me, you won't regret it! We highly recommend Nomad Events to help you with all the details of your special day.

Diana &; Ricardo

We chose NOMAD for our wedding day coordination service, it was undoubtedly the best choice we made! Inês was tireless since the first contact, always available and very professional, besides being an excellent person.

On the wedding day they allowed us to enjoy every moment without being worried about anything, they ensured that everything went as we had defined.


The best supplier! We recommend 100%.

Marta & Filipe


"The best money spent on our wedding"

I often say that NOMAD is magic. They are the essential ingredient to a perfect day. Excellent professionals, always attentive and always available, they did an amazing job on our day putting absolutely everything on wheels!

One of the biggest compliments I give them, especially because I've contacted other WP, is that they respect to the utmost the will of the bride and groom and do everything so that everything goes as they always dreamed. They advise and recommend, but always within what the bride and groom want and how they want it. They made our day the most perfect and happiest day, we lived everything to the fullest because we both knew we were in such good hands.

And before the day they always had the best thing in the world to offer us: tranquility and confidence.
In this long (and often difficult) road of organizing a wedding in pandemic time we often said that Nomad was worth every penny. But it's not true, what they did for us and for our day is priceless.
If you are reading this comment because you are looking for a WP or coordination, you need to look no further.

I have no doubt that I will still see Nomad being the best WP and event coordination company in this country. And they well deserve it!

Silvia & Marco

As we said at the end of our big day (although the speech was already starting to get a little incoherent XD ) it was great to have you coordinate our day!

It allowed us to be calm, without worries about timings. It was great to have someone always attentive to our needs, be it water, food, or things to store


It wouldn't have been so good without you! We are very, very thankful.

Cintia & Tiago

If our day was magical, it was much due to a group of tireless people who were always by our side so that nothing was missing, everything was thought to detail and so we could enjoy that day that will be engraved in our memories, thank you NOMAD for your talent and care.

Andreia & Sergio

For us it was undoubtedly an unforgettable day, (...).

The scenery that was chosen for the session was magical, it almost didn't seem real, which created a great enthusiasm as soon as we arrived.

Everything was very well connected, (...), the way we were involved in the project was natural, passionate and very creative, every detail was thought with love and dedication, or it was not a production created by NOMAD, in general, the whole team made us very comfortable so that the session was done in a very natural and fun way.

The final result of both the video and the photo shoot was extraordinary, Ana has a natural talent that left us super comfortable (...). We want to congratulate the whole team for this project so well achieved, let's hope they continue to be fruitful and never give up, I'm sure they will get very far. 

Thanks again for all your dedication.

Katia & Antonio

We all have in our imagination the fairy tale that we would like to live.

NOMAD has the ability to understand and outline the situation that best suits us, allowing us to experience delightful and involving moments that we would never imagine in our best dream.

The team is made up of people who work with their hearts and make us feel that way, in a context where only love can lead to the passionate results that they later present us with.

It is a day that we do not want to forget and that we intend to keep with great affection on the walls of our home.

Many thanks to the whole team!

Marta & Henrique

When we share life with someone special everything becomes lighter and more beautiful.

A shared life consists of ups and downs, but when love is unanimous the ups prevail. (...) we couldn't have chosen better professionals that made the moment even more unique and special.

For us, perfection is in the details, and this team could not have done better. 

The decoration could not be in better hands, NOMAD events

managed through simplicity and good taste to create a harmonious and romantic environment, with vintage and creative details.

What I really want to say is that it was an experience never forgotten and above all shared with very special people.

And that without you, excellent professionals, none of this would have been possible.

A huge thank you and we will be grateful forever and ever.

Keep on being what you are and doing what you really know.

All the best.

Joana  and  Sergio

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