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For couples without a Wedding Planner, but who want to live their wedding day to the fullest without having to worry about schedules, suppliers or any other problem that may arise.
Because it is a day that goes by so fast.... that deserves to be lived every second!

This service is a support to the bride and groom and to the event on the wedding day. There will be a coordination team that will manage people, schedules, moments... so that you can enjoy every minute, and every guest, to the maximum.

- Creation of a timeline for the day;
- Supervision of the schedule;
- Supervision of Suppliers and set-up;
- Monitoring the ceremony and the wedding reception;
- Ensuring the distribution of tables, markers, programs, etc...
- Coordination of guests and grooms;
- Assist photographers when necessary;
- Coordination of the several moments of the day (opening dance floor 
     of the cake...);
- Make final payments to suppliers (if necessary);
- Management of problems that may arise...

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